About Us

Our story

Founded in 2004, the day Check 21 legislation became effective, MyECheck Inc. was created with a mission to lead the electronic check industry in product service and technology. MyECheck’s goal is to overcome shortcomings of existing card and ACH payment systems, and to meet market demand for a lower cost, faster and more secure online payment option. Using the US Patent for ‘Method and Apparatus for Online Check Processing’ MyECheck builds solutions to fit business needs such as high volume recurring billing, integrated e-commerce check acceptance and electronic government payments.

In anticipation of the shift to mobile payments, MyECheck has built the innovative eMobile Payment Apps for Android and Apple. The eMobile app brings to the market the ability for merchants and businesses to accept mobile payments, without the high risk of fraud and chargebacks, and at a fraction of the cost of card based payments.

The technology that MyECheck Inc. has built is also able to be licensed and used inside of private applications for enterprise level businesses that wish to drive payments through their own payment system in order to lower risk and significantly decrease payment processing costs.