eMobile Payment App Live on Google Play and Apple App Store

FOLSOM, CA – August 28, 2015 – MyECheck, Inc. (OTC PINK: MYEC), announced today that their card free, ultra-secure, low flat fee mobile payments system is now available to the public.

The eMobile Pay: Card Free Wallet smartphone app has been released on Google Play and the Apple App Store on iTunes.

eMobile Pay is the first mobile payment alternative to credit and debit card processing available for businesses and merchants, and it operates 100% card interchange free. Instead of using credit or debit cards to load a wallet or make a payment, eMobile uses funds loaded from a linked checking account via any bank to process transactions. By removing expensive interchange fees and the multiple middlemen involved in credit card processing, eMobile is able to lower merchant processing fees by up to 85%.

MyECheck brings the concept of bank transfers into the 21st century with their patented, award winning technology. By creating their electronic check based mobile payment system as an alternative to costly and unsecure credit card processing.

Businesses that accept eMobile benefit from 100% guaranteed payments, zero chargebacks, real-time payment clearing, and unprecedented security which drastically lowers risk of fraud and data breaches – all at a fraction of the cost of traditional credit card processing. Businesses pay only a 25 cent flat fee per transaction. Merchant savings can be passed on through discounts in order to promote customer loyalty and acquire new customers.

The eMobile Pay apps can be used across most types of Android and Apple smartphones and with all banks and with all types of checking accounts, including corporate and government checking accounts.

When paying or invoicing with the eMobile smartphone apps, transaction data is securely exchanged through Quick Response (QR) code which can be used for purchases or to send invoices through email, text message, social media, messengers, print or even direct screen to screen. There are no scanners, swipe devices, hardware, terminals or gateways required to accept eMobile payments. Simply download the app, register and you are ready to accept payments.

There are several features being built that will be included on future updates to the eMobile Pay app, including a location feature that will show users merchants who accept eMobile Pay on a map of their current location, as well as through search. On this map the discount that the business offers for paying with eMobile will be displayed in order to increase repeat visits and encourage new customers to visit the business.

eMobile Pay downloads include the desktop Web App, which will soon allow the ability to do advanced invoicing, recurring billing and installment payments in order to meet the needs of larger businesses.

About eMobile: eMobile is a service of MyECheck Inc., winner of the 2015 PYMNTS Award for Best Check Innovation. MyECheck is a leading electronic payment technology developer, licensor and payment services provider. MyECheck operates under license to US Patent 7,389,913, “Method and Apparatus for Online Check Processing” granted June 2008. This patented payment method is the fastest, most secure and most cost effective method of processing payments in the US. MyECheck provides comprehensive payment solutions for all payment applications including mobile payments and the industry’s most advanced security and fraud control technologies. MyECheck customers include corporations, retailers, governments, payment processors and financial institutions. For more information visit https://www.e-mobile-pay.com or contact info@e-mobile-pay.com.


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