Create your own customized white label payment system for use in your stores and apps, or simply enjoy saving 60% or more on your payment processing while lowering risk.
Build a Custom Payment System for your Commerce App

Great for Large Businesses with custom apps that allow their customers to order and pay for goods or services! eMobile easily saves millions of dollars in payment processing fees for large businesses when used as an internal payment solution instead of credit and debit cards.

Freedom from Paying Credit Card Processing Fees
Stop Paying from 2.75% to over 5.5% per Transaction!
eMobile charges a low *25 cent per transaction flat fee. PERIOD.

*Contact us for a custom quote for large and enterprise level transaction volume

Drastically Reduce Risk of Fraud and Data Theft

By cutting credit cards out of the equation, we are able to substantially reduce the risk that merchants face when accepting credit cards. This becomes more important as card processors continue shifting risk down to the merchants.

Absolutely No Chargebacks! Accepted Payments are 100% Guaranteed

Chargebacks via credit cards are a risky, expensive and time consuming thing for businesses to deal with. When a payment is made using eMobile, that payment is 100% guaranteed.

Built in Customer Rewards and Loyalty Plan Included Free

Encourage your customers to use e Mobile as a safer and less expensive payment method by offering them a discount for paying with e Mobile.

No Terminals, Hardware or even Software Required

Submit your recurring billings via spreadsheet – quickly and easily upload and we take care of the rest! For mobile payments, simply download the eMobile app from the app stores, register and get started.

Goodbye Credit Cards

Embrace freedom from expensive interchange and hidden credit card processing fees. Lower your risk of fraud and data theft. Say goodbye to frustrating chargebacks.