Experience all the benefits of the leading wallets plus get discounts and save money.
No Credit or Debit Card Required

As long as you have a bank account, you can pay using eMobile. Skip the inconvenience of updating expired or lost cards by paying directly from your bank account. Don’t qualify for a rewards credit card? eMobile actually helps you get rewards and discounts for paying right from your bank account, no high credit card interest required!

Using eMobile Saves Businesses Money, so they Reward You with Discounts

Behind the scenes taking credit cards is very expensive for businesses, they pay a lot of money to accept each transaction plus lose money on fraud. eMobile solves all of these problems for Businesses plus has a built in customer discount option. This means that Businesses reward you by passing their savings on to you.

eMobile is Available across most types of Smartphones and Tablets

Rather than limit our payment system and wallet to a certain type or brand of mobile device, e Mobile works on most devices. Plus there is no hardware or system for you to purchase in order to accept a specific type of mobile wallet so it will become much more widely accepted than niche payment apps.